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We asked some 100 marketing professionals from leading B2B brands in Sweden about their approach to converting prospects to customers and eventually making them promoters.

Which type of conversions, what kind of content and which channels give the best results?

USA trendreport B2B Marketing

What is the success recipe for successful digital marketing in the US? To find out, we asked US B2B market leaders how they work within: Digital marketing, Creating leads, Customer satisfaction surveys


Welcome to Sandberg Trygg’s trend report 2017. We have studied how Sweden’s 100 largest B2B companies work with customer satisfaction.

Sandberg Trygg Trend report Inbound Marketing 2016

In this edition, we have investigated how 100 of the most prominent B2B companies in Sweden are working with digitization and Inbound Marketing.

Sandberg Trygg Trend Report Successful 2015

The 2015 trend report covers what B2B companies are doing online to meet a more digital-driven and customer-empowered buying journey.


Learn how B2B companies view the importance of the brand and how branding is influenced by current trends in customer behavior. Released in 2015.

Sandberg Trygg Trendreport 2014

Find out which business goals and communication tools are prioritized by B2B companies. Released in 2014.