Why do we have an environmental management system?

Sandberg Trygg’s environmental management system serves several purposes. On an overall level, the agency wants to reduce the environmental impact from its operations. The system is not certified to any standard (eg ISO 14001 or EMAS) but is designed to include the same type of information.

The basis for this document is our environmental policy. It describes how our organization wants to contribute to a lower environmental impact. In addition, this document goes through which goals we work for and which programs we follow to establish, communicate, implement and follow up our goals.

The CEO and the management team have overall environmental responsibility for the agency. You are always welcome with opinions and suggestions on how to improve our environmental management system.

Environmental Policy

These are the guidelines Sandberg Trygg follows for a better environment and improved global climate:

  • We are all responsible for reducing environmental impact in our daily work
  • We will constantly work to improve our environmental work and contribute to long-term sustainable development
  • We will always adhere to and preferably exceed the legislation and government requirements concerning our business
  • We will communicate our environmental policy to employees, customers and suppliers
  • We will prioritize suppliers who work actively to improve the environment


Environmental Goals

Sandberg Trygg’s operations affect the environment both directly and indirectly. A few examples of direct environmental impact are waste management, electricity consumption and transport. Indirect environmental impact involves the consequences of the decisions we make, the advice we provide and the services we procure.

  • Computers with low power consumption should be prioritized
  • Copiers/printers with low power consumption should be prioritized
  • All office lighting should be powered by low energy lamps
  • All employees should turn off their computer screen and desk lamp at the end of the business day
  • All waste should be sorted
  • We will always propose environmentally friendly material to our customers for the production of printed matter
  • We will always choose suppliers that actively contribute to a better environment