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The German adventure

To tell the right stories, we have to know what we are talking about. This is what it looked like behind the scenes when a brave Sandberg Trygg team recently spent a week in Germany for a client, shooting hours of film using a drone and 360-technology.

Day 1:

“We were testing the limits of our BMW to see how fast we can push it from 0 to 100 km/h. Copywriter Urban was happier today than he was yesterday. Then, he drove the bus.”

“We also enjoyed the stunning view. So beautiful.”

Beautiful view

“And in the evening, fantastic food in our picturesque hotel. But we had to go to bed early. Wake up call – 04.30.”

Day 2:

Early start at a farm and we were of course tired. We tried to trick our camera man Martin that we have to film the cows when they drink each other’s urine. Did I say we are tired…?

The gang

Day 3:

”Yes, we were perhaps a bit tired – but we have fantastically fun together. Half way through our mission, three farmers left now. And they are a very hospitable bunch. Today, we were invited to a lunch with local delicacies. Magical and a memory to cherish.

Our copywriter Urban is at the top of his game, he is now more German than Swedish and even held a speech to the nation, sorry – farmer, during lunch.”

Day 4:

”Today’s visit left certain things to be desired. The smell was unbelievable, especially compared to the earlier farms. But we got fantastic material and where able to leave after lunch – for a 5-6 hour card drive.

The camera man Martin, Art Director Pepe and the light guy Carl deserve all thanks they can get. They work really hard, packing, carrying back and forth – in extremely dirty conditions. And extreme heat from the sun. To add to this – they also put several hours of work every night doing backups. Real heroes!”

Pepe tar bilden

Day 5:

”Last day and a visit to a really large and impressive farm with 1000 animals. They were so well cared for it actually brought tears to our eyes – or maybe they came because of our tiredness.

After this, 5 hours in the car again, and then hotel and an early morning to catch a flight. What a trip!

And oh – by the way our drone almost took of with Art Director Pepe.”