How do you restructure an organization and create a whole new brand identity?

In 2015, Coor Industrial Services was spun off from the core business Coor Service Management.

The new company was given one year to restructure and create a new brand identity.

We really felt that we had found the right partner in Sandberg Trygg. Not just because it is an agency with sharp strategic competence in B2B, but also because it has a high level of creativity with the resources to implement the strategy in all communication. Thomas Grönlund Marketing Director, Jernbro

The brand forms the foundation

Business developer and project leader Thomas Grönlund describes the situation,

“Imagine what a unique opportunity this was for us to both consolidate the company under a new name and differentiate ourselves on the market!

We invested a lot of time and energy in the new name, and looking back, that decision was totally right. Basic strategic decisions around the brand need time to mature as they concern the soul and culture of the company – you can’t back down on these later.

It’s unfortunate that the production phase has to go so fast – but sometimes you have to put your foot down and accept when it’s good enough. If something is wrong, you can always do it again.

In our case it was especially tough as we were pushing through a lot of changes at the same time, not just the change of brand. We merged companies, changed the IT system, business system, payroll system and turned the whole organization upside down.”

Lessons learned and good advice

Is your company facing a similar process?

Here is some useful advice based on Thomas Grönlund’s experience and reflections:

  • Think about which change processes are necessary and which are desirable – Try to plan and synchronize the various processes as much as possible. How much do you think you can manage to change? Focus strictly on strategic decisions, let them mature and anchor them well.
  • Do not underestimate communication – and remember to follow-up. Not only internally. Saying something once is not always going to get the impact you want.
  • Dare to make quick decisions and be satisfied when things happen. If every decision must be anchored, the whole project will slow down. Time efficiency will be necessary in later stages of the project.

Thomas Grönlund at Jernbro concludes:

“It has been a tough journey, but I am very proud of the result. We have received only positive feedback from personnel, customers and suppliers for the graphic design, new name and story behind the name. The Jernbro brand and the brand story are now known and accepted by the whole company, which now has a stable foundation on which to build its new organization.”

Important steps in Jernbro’s brand journey:

  • Choice of agency
  • Identifying brand visibility
  • Find the right name and positioning
  • Legal check and protection
  • Unite the company and engage the personnel: internal launch
  • Produce units in various steps (e.g. large signs, home page 1.0)
  • External launch
  • Continued production of units (e.g. other profile material, home page 2.0)


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