We’re now four times stronger

Excellence doesn’t differentiate between genders. It resides in those who strive to be and do better. Something, we welcome here at Sandberg Trygg.

We’re thrilled to welcome four new talents to our Gothenburg office. Meet Tova, Yasmine, Sula and Frida. Each with something unique to bring to the table.

Our new project executive, Yasmine Eide, is a force to be reckoned with. Design and communications, sales, store- and project management – she’s done it all. Putting her in a unique position to tackle the complexities of B2B. Her aim is to build strong and stable teams that will create compelling content through words, colors and shapes.

Frida Fransson, also a new project executive, is a true team player. Curious and eager to take on challenges, and with a drive that’s contagious, nothing can stop her. And she’s taking others with her. Because to her, success is best when shared – with colleagues and clients.

Our new digital planner, Sula Carvalho, doesn’t sit still when it comes to bringing about change. She leads by example – challenging stereotypes and encouraging women to pursue digital careers. A student for life, she enjoys exploring the many corners of Earth – travelling by air and through the world of words.

Tova Rydfjäll, our new project/agency assistant, has just kickstarted her career. Wanting to test her wings after finishing her degree, she landed here at Sandberg Trygg. Open, driven and interested, Tova is ready to delve into the agency world. Welcoming the challenges that will push her to grow and develop in her career – and take her that much further.

It’s by combining individual strengths like these that we unlock our collective genius. But it begins by providing a safe and equal environment where everyone can flourish, regardless of gender or background. And this is what we aim to do at Sandberg Trygg – because when one of us rises, we all do.

As Louise Danckwardt, Agency Director at Sandberg Trygg, summarizes:

“As a leader, I consider one of my most important tasks is to see the strengths of each individual employee to ensure we give our clients a team with the best combination of skills. Skills that come with different ages, experiences, backgrounds, education and interests. It is therefore with great joy and pride that I welcome these four women to Sandberg Trygg. They all have their own personalities, driving forces and backgrounds, but share one thing in common: they are all real super talents who want to develop and grow together with us. It is the equal balance of men and women that creates the best conditions to do great work together. This is what I strongly believe.”