Trends – a popular topic

With 120 participants at our breakfast talks in Gothenburg and Stockholm, we can proudly state that the interest in our latest trend report was big. Some of the honour must, of course, go to guest speaker Peter Malmqvist, Marketing Director at BillerudKorsnäs and Rolf Lindström, Digital Communications Manager at ABB who shared their experiences as B2B companies present in social media. They inspired both our guests and us at Sandberg Trygg.

We’ve now started on the comprehensive investigative and analytical work necessary for the next trend report scheduled to come out before winter darkness descends on Scandinavia. Until then you are welcome to keep in touch with us by phone and email as usual – or why not through social media where you can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On LinkedIn, you can also join our discussion forum B2B – Trends and Insights.

Naturally our Nespresso machine is always ready if you’d like to meet us in person high up under the eaves at Kungsportsplatsen 2 in Gothenburg or at Kungsstensgatan 21B in Stockholm.