Trends in web and social media 2017

In September, we enjoyed two inspiring days, “Web days” in Gothenburg and Social Media Day in Stockholm.

SoMeDay lived up to its name. A full day packed with interesting speakers who all had their own perspective on social media. Some – for example one communicator from Malmö municipality – talked about how social media promote democracy. Others used social media channels for entertainment purposes – like the world-famous celebrity (on Snapchat) Geeohsnap, who has attracted millions of followers by drawing funny characters and situations of everyday happenings.

“Web days” was very insightful and caused a lot of “why doesn’t everybody do this” moments. It was a mixed bag of practical tips, exciting cases and more comprehensive business intelligence. Microsoft’s AI robot Pepper was also on the stage – and was probably the one who charmed most people in the audience.

We naturally want to share the trend spotting we have done and give some good advice along the way.


Content marketing

Create something significantly better than your best competitor

Nobody in our business can have missed the talk about content marketing and you would think that most things have already been said. But, things happen fast in the digital world and the conditions and possibilities for content marketing are continuously changing. Here are some of our takeaways on content:

  • “Better storytelling through better insights” To create good content, you need to know what interests the target audience. Adopt an outside-in perspective and don’t guess what you think they are interested in. Invest time and resources in finding this out.
  • Content wins over brand. With poor content the brand loses out. What is important is qualitative content. An unknown brand with great content wins over a well-known company with mediocre content. An advantageous development for “unknown” companies.
  • Follow-up. It’s not important that you do everything right. It’s important that you document what you do and its outcome. Follow this advice and you’ll soon learn whether your content works or not.
  • Dare to republish content. Nobody – and I mean nobody – goes into your Facebook/LinkedIn profile and checks your old posts. So, if the post is relevant, publish it again. • Dare to develop content. Adapt the content you create to different channels and target audiences. A blog post can evolve into an e-book, an e-book can become a lot of interesting blog posts, film clips, webinars and so on.
  • Create something significantly better than your best competitor” – wise words from Sujan Patel, co-founder of WebProfits. Always strive to produce epic content.
  • It’s important to dare. Dare to be funny, dare to do things bigger, dare to do small spontaneous things, dare to stand for something – the list goes on, the main thing is that you don’t get stuck in mediocre content that you didn’t dare take the whole way.

Social Media

Social media are increasingly used by companies in all industries, and in our everyday life as a B2B agency, we are pleased to see an increasing interest in social media, even from more traditional B2B companies. Today, it is impossible to ignore the importance of social media in our lives as well as in working life. Below are some important starting points when working with social media:

  • Think platform first when you create content/video. Adapt your content to each platform – it can be subtitles, format, length etc. It can have a big impact on the result.
  • Don’t forget that social media are channels for dialogue. It is just as important to respond to comments as it is to publish a post.
  • Get straight to the point. You have 1.6 seconds to capture the attention of a fast scrolling user. In a video for social media, make sure something captivating happens fast. Take away all logos and intros.


Everyone knows you need to have a working website. However, there are still relatively few who know what makes a good website. Optimizing your website can have a huge impact on your results. Google’s conversion specialist Lina Hansson gave us some starting points:

  • Loading time. 53% leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Remember that many countries don’t have great connections. You can check your company’s loading time here
  • Don’t complicate things. Think about what you want your site visitors to do and make it as easy as possible! (And remember to choose one or two things not five.)
  • Place your most important content at the top of the site. Most people only scroll one and a half screens on a phone.
  • Mobile first or maybe even mobile only. We need to stop using desktop when we build websites. In some countries, most people don’t use computers at all.
  • Do not forget to do A/B tests. With A/B testing you can see what works best and optimize the website thereafter.

New technology

AI was a popular topic at “Web Days”. Not only did we meet Microsoft’s Pepper, we also participated in exciting seminars about AI. IBM told us all about their cognitive system Watson and showed some inspirational cases for using this technology in more everyday situations. For example, in a web shop, Watson can pick the best options for you based on your answers to a few questions. It’s exciting to see when new technologies, such as AI, are used to help us in our everyday lives and become part of our communication.

All in all, we had two insightful days filled with inspiration. And even if we work with these questions every day, it’s always exciting to listen to and discuss with others in the same business. That’s how you grow and get even better. We hope these insights will help and inspire you to work even more with your company’s digital presence.


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