Sandberg Trygg continues its expansion – recruits Intellecta’s Communications Director Lotta Boman

Lotta Boman joined Sandberg Trygg as Senior Strategist June 17. She comes to us from Intellecta where she held the position of Information and Communications Director. Lotta has a long history from working with B2B communications at Hilanders, Sandberg Trygg and Anderson & Lembke. With Stockholm as her base and the world as her work place, Lotta will focus on getting both clients and coworkers to grow. We asked Lotta a few questions before she started to give you the chance to get to know her better.


Welcome to the agency Lotta! Can you briefly tell us about your career so far?

I have a Master’s degree in International Economics and Business Administration from the University of Uppsala. My first job was as a management trainee at Unilever where I had the opportunity to work with well-known international brands. Then I wanted to see the world, preferably France considering my studies where I had focused on the French business arena, but was offered a position at the Swedish Trade Office in New York. I then became the tenth employee at the newly opened B2B agency Anderson & Lembke in Stamford, Ct.

I lived in the US for almost eight years, and ever since then I have worked as a strategic director with B2B communications for many great companies both domestically and internationally. During the last six years, I held the position of Information and Communications Director at Intellecta, a global communications group listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, focusing on communication strategies aimed at the equity and financial markets.


How come you chose the advertising business?

I always felt that business-to-business marketing, which I had studied, was more interesting and preferred it to the fast moving consumer goods type of communications at Unilever. When I got the opportunity to work at Anderson & Lembke, it was a no-brainer. Those were fantastic years.


You were an integral part of Anderson & Lembke in the us – an agency that quickly grew and won an accolade of prizes. How do you explain this success?

A number of factors: Good management, a flat organization, self-confidence, creative excellence, well thought-out processes, solid advertising skills, an open-minded atmosphere and a “portion of craziness”. Coming from Sweden helped us too. It made us more foreign and interesting.


What characterizes good communication?

It should be equally relevant and creative, so that it is understood in the context of the intended target audience.


What are your main personal qualities?

I am driven, curious and sometimes quite courageous.


Do you have a role model – in advertising or in general?

It must be all the fantastic colleagues I’ve worked with during all the years who have stuck together in good and bad times.


You come to Sandberg Trygg with a CV as long as route 66. How can you contribute to getting our coworkers and clients to grow?

I feel very humble. Hopefully my experience from international B2B communications, long client relations, and a coaching leadership will benefit the agency.


What do you most look forward to in your new job?

As you know, I have a background from Sandberg Trygg. It will be fun to return and at the same time the agency is transformed. The agency’s development is impressive and I am excited to join a business with young dynamic leadership with a bold and visionary approach. On top, it is of course an added value that you have set up shop in New York – my second home town.

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